Knit Hockey Socks, Junior to Senior Sizes

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EX-Hockey Socks
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Product Specification

  • 100% Polyester
  • Pull on Closure
  • Machine Wash

About this item

  • Constructed from pro-grade performance knitted polyester for durability during games.
  • Soft plush 100% polyester construction ensures comfort and breathability.
  • One pair of high-quality socks for a great value.
  • Elasticized ankles keep the socks in place during play.
  • Available in all sizes from Mite/XS to Senior/L, accommodating players of all ages.
  • Multiple colors and designs allow you to showcase your style on the ice.

Exxact Sports Hockey Knit Socks Youth and Adult are the best possible buy for any hockey athlete looking for a pair of Hockey Socks youth boys and men hockey socks due to its range of advantages. They are constructed out of pro-grade performance knitted polyester. This high-quality construction makes it perfect for games. The soft plush 100% polyester construction makes these hockey socks youth and adult comfortable to the skin and most importantly Breathable. Adding to the features of these boys hockey socks and men hockey socks are their elasticized ankles making sure they stay in place. Our Performance knit youth hockey socks and adult hockey socks are available in multiple colors in different designs and themes to suit your style in the rink! Lastly, our Hockey Sock comes in All Sizes - Mite/XS 20" long, Junior/S - 24" long, Intermediate/M 28" long, Senior/L 32" long. - For more information, see our size chart.

Exxact Sports Hockey Knit Socks for Youth and Adults are the ultimate choice for any hockey player seeking quality and performance in their hockey socks. Crafted from premium-grade performance knitted polyester, these socks are designed to elevate your game. The soft plush 100% polyester material ensures not only comfort but also breathability, keeping you cool and dry during intense matches. 

One of the standout features of these hockey socks is their elasticized ankles, which provide a secure fit and prevent them from slipping during play, allowing you to focus solely on your performance. Available in a variety of colors, designs, and themes, there's a style to suit every player's taste and personality on the ice.

Furthermore, these socks are available in all sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for players of all ages and sizes. Whether you're a Mite/XS, Junior/S, Intermediate/M, or Senior/L, there's a size that will accommodate you comfortably. 

In summary, Exxact Sports Hockey Knit Socks offer durability, comfort, breathability, and style—all essential qualities for any hockey athlete. Upgrade your game with these top-of-the-line socks and experience the difference on the ice. For more detailed sizing information, please refer to our size chart.

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