Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Manchester United Chief fears fan over Zlatan Ibrahimovic injury. He added ‘he is unable to recover his injury or to rediscover his top form in career’.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic is top soccer player in the world and worked hard to get back in a career. He returns with just seven months after career-threatening injury suffers in Europa League.

Ibra enjoys stunning debut season for Red Devils, as he scores 28 goals in 46 appearances. He helps his club to win EFL Cup before suffering a horror knee injury.

There were fears that striker would be a force to retire from his career.

No doubt, Ibrahimovic performance before the injury is impressive and fans are super crazy to watch him. But this time Ibra fails to achieve the same performance level.

Veteran striker return to the game on November 18 as a sub in the 4-1 home wins over Newcastle. He took five appearances in the game but unable to find the net. Total time spend is 73 minutes and there are fears whether he will be the same player or not.

Jose Mourinho removes striker from his team twice so he can improve health. He removes him as he needs to build muscle surrounding his problematic knee. Zlatan Ibrahimovic proves useless when used as a sub in the game as recovering from serious injury requires time.

But his problems coupled with Romelu Lukaku’s lack of confidence in front of goals. Lukaku headed the winner against Cherries but his performance is not stable. He has just two goals in last ten Prem games and not looked the same player that started with 11 goals. Lukaku is one of impressive player with this kind of performance but lacks confidence since mid-October.

There is a chance that Mourinho is considering buying another striker next month.