Winter Olympics 2018

Sports enthusiasts and best athletes are gearing up for the Winter Olympics 2018. The Olympics is rarely a warm event but this time it is set to be the coldest in history. It will be colorful, dramatic, dangerous and emotional – 2018 Olympics is set to burst into life.

Some of the events already begun, but the complete ceremony will hold on Friday. Nearly 3000 athletes are set to participate in Winter Olympics 2018 from 93 countries. The buildup has seen relationships thaw between North and South Korea, fielding joint women’s ice hockey team. Here are a lot of things you need to know about Olympics 2018:

  • Russian athletes are facing controversies for participating in games over drugs.
  • Over 17 days more than 3000 athletes will participate in the games for 102 medals in 15 sports.
  • The stats show that over 77% of tickets are sold for 13 venues in South Korea.
  • This time North Korea is also taking part in the Olympics 2018. North Korea is sending 22 athletes to take participate in ice hockey, ice skating, and skiing.

The Coldest Game In History?

Head pads and a warm seat cushion are recommended for spectators as they set to watch the coldest game. Events are happening at PyeongChang, where temperatures dip below zero for third of a year.

Residents will face temperature between -6C to -2C but mountain winds will low temperature with -25C. That would see Games surpass 1994 edition in Norway, where the temperature dipped to -11C.

An opening ceremony of winter Olympics 2018 on Friday, expects temperature -5C. The 35,000 seats Olympic Stadium, has been built without a roof. It is completely different from Sochi four years ago, where the temperature was 20C and warmest Games on record.

Here you can find the full schedule of  Winter Olympics 2018 Games.

Russia is banned from Winter Olympics. Why?

We have seen Russia topped the medals table at their home Games in Sochi. But this time country was banned from participating world known event Olympics.

The International Olympic Committee has taken this decision to ban Russia from participating following an investigation over doping. It was given punishment by International Committee for its alleged state-sponsored cover-up of doping by its athletes.

The IOC has still allowed some of the Russian players to participate in the games. These players met anti-doping criteria and participate as independent athletes.

Many players will also face the lifetime ban for participating in the games. The Russian president said his government won’t prevent athletes from competing under a neutral flag. Punish those who are to blame instead of banning whole nation.

The issues of security is also a big question, especially for American athletes to take participate or not. It all due to neighboring nation North Korea which conducted missile tests previous year.

Many of athletes share their experience about cold of venue. The wind is worst – walking around the village is like a nightmare.