power weight lifting belt

The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow!
Power weight lifting belt is used by everyone in the gym – it can be fantastic and boost your performance. These days many people have forgotten about the belt and the benefits they offer. Let’s break down what weightlifting belts do and when you’ll really benefit from wearing one.
Many people believe that weight lift belts reduce strength in the lower spine and overall core strength. While others believe that wearing a weight lift significantly reduces your risk of injury.
Who’s right or who’s wrong? Well, many studies suggest that power weight lifting belt can improve your performance. Here are five key reasons you should consider belting up before you lift:
1. Belts reduce stress on spine:
We have studies suggesting that wearing a weightlifting belt increase intra-abdominal pressure by 40%. It will also reduce compression of intervertebral discs by 50 percent. The fact is that increment of intra-abdominal pressure will reduce stress on lower back. It all depends on the design of your weightlifting belt.
You have to invest in power weight lifting belt with a reliable source. The typical gym belts that are skinny don’t cover enough abdominal surfaces.
2. Belts create better body mechanics:
We know well that weight lift belt reduces spinal stress but it is also beneficial for other reasons. The use of belt also decreases amount of spinal flexion and lateral flexion. This is the reason it will cause more flexion at hip and knee. If these effects are produced, then your body will get power from legs.
This is the exact body mechanics when lifting heavyweights such as deadlifts or squats. In this mechanism, your body will never get power from the back.
3. Belts enhance performance:
There is evidence with help of studies showing weight lift belts will enhance performance. This claim is not only made by studies but also some people claim this. Using a weight lift belt definitely increases your strength and muscle growth especially for lower body exercises.
4. Belts provide safety:
There are several reasons that prompt the person to wear a belt while lifting a weight. When you’re doing back squats it will decrease the amount of stain on the lower back and prevent injuries. It will also produce restriction of lumbar range of motion, prevents additional strain.
When a person is wearing a lifting belt – it will definitely encourage technique of squat and back lift. It will keep your body safe from getting injured.
5. Belts are a great mental tool:
We know that lifting belts can increase our performance and enhance muscle. It is also a great mental tool for body lifters as they know their spine is in a correct position. Actually, the main idea behind wearing a power weight lifting belt is not to prevent injury. But it will also increase the efficiency of your core and abdominal muscles.
You have to use weightlifting belts for correct exercises, not your entire workout. Just keep in mind, don’t overuse your weight lift.